Top 4 Trade Show Technology Mistakes


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – July 16, 2015
Most marketing professionals, business owners and industry experts have attended at least one trade show or industry event.  The goal of those presenting at these events is to show how and why they are leaders in their industry.  It is crucial to put your best foot forward at these events and show your target audience what you can do for them and their business.  One way to show this is to have the latest in technology and innovation working for you.  Be sure to take the steps to avoid costly technology mistakes at your next event.


Top 4 Trade Show Technology Mistakes

1) Not Using Any Technology At All

When promoting your business print will only get you so far.  While it is important to have a take away flyer and a nice banner with your name on it, that will hardly set you apart from the booth next to you with 3 – 70′ monitors with custom videos on screen and a couple speakers with a microphone.  Even if your work truly is the best, it is important to look at least as good as the person next to you to attract the potential customer so they allow you to show them how and why you’re the best!

2) Using Outdated Technology

Everyone has that old laptop or tablet lying around.  Yes it works and it may be practical for daily use, however it doesn’t set you about from anyone else in your industry.  If you bring your outdated equipment to display how you are at the best, your potential customers may assume that you undervalue your work.  If you have the latest in equipment and technology, it shows that you value your company and are willing to invest in the latest and greatest.  Don’t have the latest in equipment? That’s okay, rent it! At LCS you can rent laptops, plasma screens and more!


3) Not Engaging Your Customer

You can use all the technology in the world, but if you’re not using it properly or optimizing it to accomplish your goals you are probably wasting your money.  If you’re running a slideshow of images on the screen and only using the laptop to run the slideshow, you’re not doing much to engage your customers.  It is important to have as many elements as you can reasonably manage to attract the widest audience possible.  Try having a custom video running while scrolling through examples of your work on an iPad, that way you can be engaging multiple customers at the same time.

4) Going Too Big (Or Too Small!)

Your set up should match the message you are trying to convey to your audience.  If you have a staff of 3 then it probably doesn’t make sense to have 4 iPads and 2 laptops.  If you are advertising your exceptional personal service, it is important to make sure that you do not go over the top with your visuals.  The same applies in reverse.  If you are trying to set your business apart as a leader in the tech industry, it is important to have a large presence with multiple displays and the latest in technology and content.  Make sure the scope of your display accurately conveys YOUR message to YOUR audience.


It is important to always plan and be prepared when presenting your company to potential clients.  It is very easy to recognize an ill-prepared presenter and may reflect poorly on your company.  By consulting with professionals when organizing your display you can be assured that you will be putting your best foot forward.  Let a company like LCS help you to show your business in the best light.  Invest in the future of your business and your clients will see what sets you apart.

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