LCS - Testimonials

“You are so thoughtful and I love referring others to you because your team does such an amazing job AND are great people to work with..”

-Liz Barrett, C.S.W.
Manager of Sales & Business Development

“My sincerest thanks for all your help over the past years. I can say without question that many of CAP UCLA productions would not have gone as smoothly as they have without the professionalism, skill, and talent that you provide. Be it a simple one projector show, or a distributed multi source, multi surface extravaganza, you guys have my back, and have the expertise to pull it off without a hitch. When I call LCS, I know that I don’t need to worry about the video. As long as I’m at UCLA you will have our business. Your phone number is at the top of my Rolodex.”

-John Coleman
Theatre Management Services

“In June of 2009 I had the opportunity to plan the Senior After Party for the Oaks Christian seniors. We hired LCS to be responsible for the staging, sound and lighting. They not only did a fabulous job… The venue was transformed, but they were fun, kind and the most professional. LCS would be my first and only call I would need to make in event planning!”

-Robin Neiman
Oaks Christian School

“We were grateful to have the LCS team provide A/V for the screening “Heart of a Champion”. Randy Matt and Brian were all great to work with. We never had to worry about anything. When we arrived at the event everything was set up and dialed in. The little things like taping cables for safety. the run through of the equipment. As a Company they also went above and beyond for Corey Reed and Ride with Core. We will always call on Randy and LCS for our A/V needs. They know how to do it right!”

-Michael Maina
Corey Reed
Ride With Core

“LCS is your all purpose shop for any of your equipment needs, and they go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only do I often rent their equipment, on several occasions I have had emergencies where my own equipment has failed and LCS has delivered exactly what I needed in an unbelievable window of time, entirely saving my project.”

-John Mason

“The LCS Co. What can I say ? Reliable , On Time, Equipment is always in good working condition with the latest technology of gear in the market place . Will show on a moments notice with equipment and or personnel needed to do a last minute job that comes up. Costs are in line within the industry or sometimes much less. Customer service is the best !!! The president of the company???? WHAT A GUY. ”

-Robert L PWR

“I have had the pleasure of renting equipment from the LCS company numerous times from little jobs to the big ones. I even rented cameras and lights thru the LCS company for a feature a few years ago with great success. The team at LCS company have great personal service. Their efforts in solving technical details for me have helped my projects become successful. I have no qualms in renting from them again on future films. ”

-Luc Nicknair

“I have never asked for anything from LCS that I did not get including fabulous customer service! ”

-James Holton
The Holton Group

“I can’t say enough about Randy and the LCS crew. They are not only very professional, but a fun group of individuals That help you complete your project on time and on budget. ”

-Jose Altonaga
Altonaga Productions

“I had the most oddball request. You know the ones that are all to typical in the video production business. Go to the House of Blues….find my crew in the middle of a show…pick up a package in the parking lot….go to this hotel…..set it up in a room at 3pm…I have no idea what the number is….meet some guy in the lobby….I’ll get you his name and cell # later….go back at 11pm….break it down and load out…keep it overnight…..return it to us in Corona… Honestly….who ya gonna call to get involved I a cluster like this. Answer: Randy Clark. Thanks guys. You’re the best. ”

-Justin Paxton
VP Operations
Screenworks NEP

“Working with Randy and his crew is always a pleasure! They are extremely courteous and professional and I always get exactly what I need, when I need it. Whether it’s a big production or just a small, one-man shoot. LCS always comes through for me! ”

-Joth Riggs
Whitestone Productions