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Make the Most of your Meetings


From big to small, Americans sit through an estimated 11 million meetings every day.  Are all of your meetings productive? Whether one on one, a small board of 12 or a company wide event – Here are some tips to helpmeeting-83519_1280 you make the most out of your meetings.

Know when to have a facilitator
  If you don’t have someone in charge of your meeting details, who is going to ensure that everyone has received the same information, from arriving on time to the points which are going to be discussed?  This is exceptionally important for larger events, as everything from seating, staging, presentations and timelines are key to making an event successful.  Your audience is much less likely to pay attention if they feel that the event is unorganized.


Know how to have a proper Conference call/Skype chat/Webinar/Telepresence
Research the proper etiquette for your conference call or other form of non-present meeting.  Make sure that all parties are on the same page and know the system you’re using! If you have doubts or can’t figure it out, call the company’s tech support or if your meeting is big enough hire the professionals! Explore your telepresence options.

Break down typical meeting barriers!
Opt for extra wireless mics so the moderator can do his/her job from the audience! Also, keep enough on hand so that for Q&A you don’ t have the awkward pause while the audience passes the microphone from one end of the room to another.  These are just a couple of exaples from this great article, which shares a number of awesome ideas to help break down these barriers.

All in all, conducting a meeting is about knowing your audience and their needs.  Make sure you are prepared, whether you coordinate the event or are a master delegator.  Know the best technology to make your event a success and if you have any questions, call the professionals!