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The Many Slides of Projection

When most people think about a projector and a screen they get a flashback to high school, the AV team rolls in the cart and sets up in the middle of the room so you can watch that incredibly boring film about cells, yay.. Or what about that exceptionally boring conference last month with all those black & white slides flashing by one by one.
This does NOT need to be the case! There are dozens and dozens of opportunity to use projection in a fun and effective way! What about a drive in movie? An inspirational video at your favorite non-profit’s fundraiser? That awesome life-sized video game?
It’s our goal to change your way of thinking and see the possibilities of projection!

Click the picture below to watch a video we were recently a part of, make sure you watch until at least 1:20!

Nissan's YouTube Video - Projection by LCS

Nissan’s YouTube Video – Projection by LCS





No Limit to Our Creations

As many may (or may not) know, we rent out a large variety of different audiovisual equipment. Put simply, you need a microphone? Super.. Projector? Even better. But does anyone truly know what our capabilities are? Why don’t you find out! Beyond renting these single items, the crew here at LCS is full of technical engineers of sorts. These guys love to be challenged. Call them up and really try to stump them with your event needs and they will come through.
LED Wall
Click on the image to check out these guys building an LCD wall in the 105 degree heat of Pasadena, CA. So do we rent microphoneS? Speakers? Screens? Absolutely, but I have to say there are truly no limits to what we can create here.