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Rent vs Own – Audio Visual Equipment

October 1, 2014   –    By: Lacey Foss

The idea of “Rent vs. Own”For RENT in the current economy has become a huge discussion with lengthy pro and con debates, whether the subject is your next home, car, or even a boat. When it comes to audio visual equipment, large companies, schools, hotels and event spaces all must have the same conversation. Is it worth the cost to buy the projectors, the screens, the wireless microphones and all of the other equipment needed to provide for their event space? What about the other costs incurred by owning this equipment?
So why is it better to rent? Here are some reasons:

  • Minimal Responsibility – When you buy, for example, a 2 speaker fancy new PA system you may spend a couple thousand.  Think of this “investment” long term.  Is it insured? For how long? And if so, when you take it in for repairs what are you going to use in the mean time? With equipment rentals this is not a factor, the rental company is responsible for all maintenance and  insuring that the speakers are in top working order at all times.  Also, what about when this equipment is out of date? Do you remember when everything started to switch to HD and your TV only had one, or maybe no HD port? This is not a factor with rentals.  The rental company is responsible for making sure every piece of equipment is up to date and compatible with the entire production.
  • Lower Costs Incurred – From maintenance to having experts on site who are familiar with the equipment, simply owning the equipment isn’t always enough.  Also, if you have an event space, the cost of renting the microphones, staging, speakers, lighting and everything else can be passed onto the client, so you can ensure the client top tier service without having to do anything other than make a simple phone call, to us of course!
  • Flexibility –  Even if you own an arsenal of equipment, it is very difficult to cover all of your bases and make sure everyone has exactly what they need.  For example, maybe you have 10 meeting spaces and 20 microphones, however a client wants to come in and run simultaneous meetings with three speakers a piece? 20 microphones may have sounded like plenty before, but now something as simple as microphones could make or break your relationship with that client.  Another example, what if that same client wants a 27′ projector screen and you only carry 24′?

Maybe in your particular industry you have exactly what you need for the space you provide.  Excellent.  However are there any negatives to having an audiovisual rental company on hand that you trust? For that “just incase” moment?
With rentals, you can be sure that you always have exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.