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Top 4 Reasons to Video Record Your Next Conference

Small Conference in Thousand Oaks


Today it is nearly impossible to go through your day without seeing something that has been previously recorded and shared with you via technology.  Why is that? Why is our primary way of receiving new information and entertainment via pre recorded media and production? There are many reasons for this in our current technological age and I would like to share with you OUR top 4.

Future Profit

If you are conducting a one-day 8 hour conference and charging $100 per seat, in a 100 person auditorium you have the potential to earn up to $10,000 (before the costs of the venue, meal break, etc..)  What if I told you you could more than double this revenue by only spending a couple thousand… Would you be interested? If you have done the math right I am going to assume your answer is yes.  What about the 30 more people who wanted to attend and the conference was already full? What about the 20 additional people who had scheduling conflicts? With these people alone, you could spend 0 marketing dollars promoting your event and sell the recording or your event to these 50 additional people and earn another $5,000, and chances are that recording cost you less than $2,000 to produce.  That’s an additional $3,000 revenue with little to no additional work.

Marketing Value

Say you already did Step 1 because you saw the value and followed through.  Awesome.  What about your next event? Think it’s worth booking that 250 person venue? How are you going to show these new potential customers the value of what you have to say? You are going to use the footage from the first to create a short “teaser” roll of your top one or two points to bring them in the door.  This may not earn you money directly, however if it brings the additional 150 people in the door it has more than earned its marketing value.

Professional Expert Credit

Today’s media driven culture teaches the consumer that anyone who who is confident enough to stand up in front of a crowd and share new information must be an expert in their field.  For those conducting and recording these conferences, this is a major benefit.  By being able to display a high quality video of you sharing your knowledge of your field, you can be immediately perceived as an expert.  This credibility can go a long way when it comes to getting people to “sign-up”, “register” or “buy” whatever you have to offer them.

“Share” Value

Going back to Step 1, you have completed your first conference which is a total success.. Where do you go from here? Half of the people who attended have now shared your program with their friends and half of those friends are now contacting you asking when is your next event and how can I learn what you have share? Instead of going into a panic and trying to plan an event right away or sit down and have one-on-ones with 25+ people, you can refer them to your website where they can purchase a copy of your presentation for only $xx.99.  And you can’t overlook the benefit of the social media share.. That teaser roll you created in Step 2? Time to share!

Lastly, you have to know when it is the right time to call and hire a professional.  Yes you can have your friend with a nice videocamera in the back recording your conference, however are they going to be double and triple checking to make sure the lighting and sound are correct? Probably not.  And this may be the option for you if you would simply like to use this recording as a playback tool for your personal benefit or to share with friends, however the production value will most likely not be up to par for resale.

Call professionals like the guys here at LCS and let them take care of all Lighting, Audio, Visual and Recording needs from start to finish so that you can worry about the important things, like how to fill the room.  #Ready

Below is a little sample of a couple different event recordings, from Conferences to Concerts we’ve got you covered.