A Quick Guide to Understanding Projection

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – April 9, 2015
In the past weeks I have heard a number of questions about projectors.  Which kind do I need? What are the differences between those that we carry? How much do they cost to rent?  I quickly realized that many people who are not in the events industry do not understand the broad spectrum in quality and type of equipment, and what differentiates one piece from the next.  Here is a “quick guide”  of projectors based on a few of the models we carry.

f3-6RCsY27zN3xO9gISZwoKEYhiffF1j-IrqV4vfaDAFirst, in determining what type of projector you will need for your event or venue you must take into account a few different factors.  Brightness, adaptability, size of screen/resolution, and portability are just a few.  The brightness of a projector is determined by a number of lumens, which is the primary way of measuring the brightness of light emitted by a device.  Our projectors range from 1,200 to more than 12,000 lumens, in comparison the flashlight of an iPhone 5 is around 10 lumens.  Adaptability of a projector is key when determining which type you will need, however that also means that you must know what your playback source will be.  Once you have identified your playback source (DVD player, MAC desktop, PC desktop, Blueray, etc..) you will be able to determine what type of input you will need to connect to the projector.  Size of screen and resolution are determined by your venue and what you will be projecting, the bigger the screen and/or the higher quality you need will require a higher level of resolution.

NEC Tabletop Conference Projector

Our most “basic” projector, this model has 1,200 lumens and is perfect for a small space such as a conference room and an audience from 2-30.  Sometimes referred to as a “lunchbox projector”, it comes in a small case and is easily portable.  It is a standard definition LED projector and has 2 inputs, composite in and VGA (for computers).  This model is our most simple to operate, which is why it is very easy and convenient in last minute emergency situations.  It typically rents for around $75.

BenQ DLP Projectors

Matching ProjectorsOur matching set of BenQ projectors is one of our most common projector rentals.  These are great for placing on either side of a stage for mirrored images in a large ballroom or indoor venue.  They have 4,000 lumens a piece, have all major inputs and are high definition.  These can also be used outdoors after sunset and are great for a small movie night.  They rent for $150 a piece.

Panasonic 7700 – Production Projector

This production level projector is designed for large, high level events and productions.  It is often used to project a large image or show when that image or show is the focal point of the presentation or the audience is over 300.  These are also great when the projector needs to be placed far from the screen, as it is more powerful. This projector runs for about $650 for a day rental.

Panasonic 12k & 13k DLP Projectors

Panasonic Production ProjectorThese projectors are some of the highest level production projectors you can rent.  They boast 12,000 lumens and are the most powerful in our inventory (although we have access to even higher level models).  These professional models are idea for film screenings, large venues and distance projection.  These projectors will cost you $1,500 per day plus the cost of lenses.

If you’re still reading, you probably understand now why it is difficult to quickly give a quote for a projector without knowing the use.  This same idea applies to most of the A/V rental industry as there are basic and high-end versions of most of our equipment.  This also helps to show the importance of speaking with professionals prior to finalizing your event so that they can ask the important questions regarding the size of your audience, the floor plan of your event as well as preform a walkthrough of the venue.

*All quotes are estimates and do not include the cost of a screen.  All necessary cabling is always included in the quote.  All of our projectors have both front and rear projection capabilities.

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