New Equipment to Kick Off 2015!


At the end of the year most companies sit down and look over what they did right that year and how they can make the next year even better.  LCS is the same – with one major difference.  We get to buy new toys.

Each year as we produce the technology for event after event we learn what is trending in the event technology world.  This allows us to cater very specifically to our audience and their needs.  In 2014 one of the rapidly growing trends for events was projection… and not just standard front projection.  Projection came into play in a number of new and creative ways, we got creative, and now we are adapting.

To kick off 2015 here are a few of the new pieces we will be adding to our inventory!

Matching panasonic PT-DZ13k Series 12k DLP projectors

From their compact size to their 12,000 lumens of brightness, these new Panasonic projectors are ideal for large-venue applications such as auditoriums, museums and rental and staging.  Having a matching pair is especially ideal for large-venue conferences and events where content is shown on either side of a large staging area. This matching pair adds another facet to our already large and diverse inventory of projectors.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.04.11 PM[1]

AV Stumpfl MonoBlox front and rear projector screen kits

These new front and rear projection screens are made by AV Stumpfl and are both simple enough for the average user, looking for a one-time rental and also possess the level of quality needed for a large-venue production.


Sony PMW-FS7 XD Camcorders.  4K resolution and a Super 35mm sensor

Adding to our already extensive inventory of camcorders, we now carry this new model by Sony which boasts a superior adaptability and flexibility due in part to it’s new ergonomic grip design.  It also has a number of other featured ideal for a number of different situations which you can read about HERE.


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  1. Digital projectors use LCD or DLP (tiny mrrrois) and high-intensity bulbs to project a digital image onto a screen.Regular what ? Projectors ? They project analog images, i. e. celluloid movies or photographic slides. Going out of style, and it’s hard to get celluloid copies of movies unless you are a movie theatre.Other home theatre screens are LCD or plasma, or maybe CRT (tube).

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