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LOS ANGELES, CA – March 12, 2015

Advancements in technology have been a hot topic since before “trending” was “trendy”. We learned this early on and have constantly been evolving to keep up with event technology.  Nowadays, event technology often refers to software, different types of mobile devices attached to a network running the latest app, but what about the hardware? What about the screen that’s displaying your tweets? The wireless microphone that is on the presenter?  This is how WE define event technology.

One article by well known online technology news source, TVTechnology, goes as simple as to say “Being tethered to a cable is so old school.”  This article explores the very real future of wireless sound at events, citing the 2015 Superbowl halftime show as one of the most complex of its time.  Not only did they have to ensure that the sound could be heard throughout the entire venue uninterrupted (including all 120+ yards of the field as well as the airspace!) they also had to counteract the interference of the stage comprised entirely of LED lights. Ensuring that a venue is properly prepared for its audience in regards to audio is no small task.  Quality audio is one of the things that separates the big events from the small, regardless of actual size.

Tectonic-1The authors at Design Dawgs, an online source for all things design, event and lifestyle, are constantly looking for the next big thing in event design.  Their latest discoveries do not disappoint.  One of these are newly designed and recently released event speakers, which are about the depth of a plasma screen TV and produced by Tectonic Audio Labs.  This is the kind of technology that gets us excited for the future.  No more trying to dress up and disguise bulky speakers around the venue, soon we will be able to incorporate them more completely into the decor.

Another aspect of event technology that this article looks into is an amazing marriage between software app technology and hardware technology called CrowdMics.  This app essentially turns your smartphone into a microphone, live at any event.  Once it is set us properly, any member of the audience is given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter from their seat, without having to play “pass the microphone”.

A final way in which technology is changing the way we look at event technology is through the popular platform, Skype.  This is something that we in the office have begun to really dig into in the last 6 months.  We have begun to use it not only for it’s original intent of video chat, but also for live streaming on multiple platforms and recorded interviews.  We have navigated through the app, online platform and every common extension to truly understand the benefits of using this complex free platform.  Here is a short, simple video of our resident “Skype expert” (Matthew) streaming a recorded concert on multiple devices.

If you’re looking to incorporate new technology or a unique idea into your next event, then give us a call and let’s get creative.  We’re always looking for new challenges so that we can continue to evolve with ever-changing technology.

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