I Don’t Need A/V Equipment.. Do I?

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idea-xxlOctober 8 , 2014

In my marketing efforts the two questions I hear most often are, “Why would I need A/V equipment??” or “Oh, weddings and bar mitzvahs, right??”
It didn’t take me long to discover that it isn’t my job to SELL audiovisual equipment or find the biggest partner to rent to or work with (of course that would be nice too!).  It’s my job to be an educator, an informer and to put a face to an industry that not many people know about!
As I begin to tell people what we can do I immediately see lightbulbs going off in their heads, “Ohhh, you’re those guys!”  So I wanted to take a few minutes to explain what it really is that we do, how you can use our services and how to spot us behind the scenes at the next event you attend!

  • Anything with the word “Gala” “Fundraiser” “Auction” “

If you’re in the industry of supporting events your ears will always peak at any of these words.  When I hear “Gala” I think, fancy.. ergo pretty lighting, a man in a tux on a mic, maybe a live band with great acoustics so speakers, microphones, the whole deal.  “Fundraiser” and “Auction” are both along these lines as well.  Every auctioneer needs to be heard so that requires a good PA system specific for the venue type and a cordless mic.  And you can’t forget a rear projector and screen, I mean how are the people going to bid if they can’t see what they’re bidding on!

  • Anything advertising “Live Entertainment”

Any event advertising “Live Entertainment” must think about what kind of venue it is to determine the speaker and microphone situation.  A big metal box is going to need a different type of set up than a gym or concert hall would need.  This is when our experts come in to tell you exactly what type of equipment you will need, from the location, size of the PA system, and type of microphones.

  • Any type of “Conference” or “Seminar”

When was the last time you went to a large gathering with 1 – 3 people speaking (think church, conference, concert, etc..) and the venue did not have video playback? For those of you who don’t know what video playback is, not to worry.  Video playback is what you see on the screens to the right and the left of the stage at one of these events, where you can see the speaker(s) so that you do not have to be in the front row to actually know what’s going on.  This is when you see the guys dressed in all black behind or to the side of the audience on their various small podiums manning the video cameras.

  • Production Support

Production support is really just a fancy way of saying that many companies that produce movies, short films, commercials and other videos do not own all of the equipment they need for every event.  Maybe a project they are working on requires 5 camera angles and they only have 4 cameras.  This is where a rental company comes in.  We will support them by bringing that one extra camera and possibly the person to run it as well if they need.  Anyone in the film/video production industry can be a great partner for a rental house.

In short, we’re the guys that get called when someone needs anything that has to do with audio or visual recording or events, whether the event is tomorrow or two years from now!

By: Lacey Foss

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