Conferences & Seminars

Conferences and Seminars can vary a great deal, they typically begin with a PA system that works well with the venue and a projector with the appropriate playback device.
We also are able to produce a high level recording of both the audio and video of a presentation for any later distribution needs.
Let’s Create Something, Inc. is also able to provide any additional needs such as lecterns, lighting and content creating and reformatting for presentations. (Such as enhancing the visualizations of a powerpoint)

 Small Presentation – $125

1 wired handheld microphone w/stand
4 channel audio mixer
2 JBL Audio 10in speakers

Small Presentation with Video Recording – $650

4 channel audio mixer
2 JBL Audio 10in speakersSony PMW ex3 full HD camcorder w/full function fluid head tri-pod
Basic 3 point lighting package w/grip accessories
Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone
Includes 4 hour “door-to-door” operation labor with set-up and take down

Optimal audio equipment is dependent.
Pricing and equipment are subject to availability.
LCS can provide a medium for any media and duplication of media at an additional cost.

*Additional Labor $85 per hour
*Editing Not Included
*Raw Footage Given on a Client Provided Medium or at Additional Cost
*+50 for Wireless Mic

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