A concert package for a band that already has their staging and lighting needs would generally require the following  equipment for a 3 – 5 person band.
For staging needs, LCS can provide staging from 4 x 8 ft at a cost of $150 after set up to almost any size!
LCS can also provide any type of lighting needs, which vary greatly depending on venue.

Entertainer’s Package (Band) – $700

3 handheld wired vocal mics
Drum kits & backup singer mics
Instrumental connectivity
24 channel mixing console
4 Apogee AE5 main speaker cabinets & subwoofers
Amp Rack
3 monitor wedges

Sub Line array system for speakers ($ TBD depending on venue & infastructure)
Back Line available
Add 24 channel monitor-mixing console – $150

*Larger Venue, Band, Orchestra Set Ups and PA Systems available